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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  August 29, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> ukraine wants to become a full member of nato. this after reports that thousands of troops have entered ukraine. kiev calls it in invasion. moscow says it is not true. the civil war in serious has forced a 3000 --3 million people out of the country. insect invasion in madagascar. a swarm of locusts have taken over the capital and swept across the country. ♪
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>> also, coming up in this hour, still suffering after two fatal airlines hasysian announced that it will cut 600 jobs. you would not take euros to quit school, would you? we will meet them as they decide to drop out in order to kickstart their career. let's get started. you craniums and russians are practically when people, so says russian president vladimir putin, who has described the assault is reminiscent of the ngradee siege o leni in world war ii. ofy have accused kiev invading the country. they say that 1000 troops have indeed crossed the border. the secretary-general is now saying that this is a direct violation of ukraine's
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sovereignty. in one of the biggest towns in eastern ukraine, thousands of locals took the streets calling for russian soldiers to stay away. ukraine,rds, glory to a common message at the peace rallies here. gathered,of people condemning what they call a russian invasion of their country. if there was no support for separatist from of vladimir putin, they would not be here. >> nato released a satellite images that showed russian troops in vehicles operating in ukraine. kiev also said there was evidence that large amounts of weapons had been brought in 30 kilometers east. separatistsls say are launching a new front. government troops are said to be in control of the key road sk and the city,
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contradicting an earlier claim. now the progression rebels say they are targeting mary opel next. >> support, the sea, that would be the biggest part, and allow us to mobilize resources. it will allow us to expand our numbers of volunteers. prospect of russians older spiting in ukraine is also causing a stir back in russia. they have not been told where their loved ones are. >> they are not in russia. not told, we are this, but we suspect that it must be so. if they are in the russian federation, they would have been back a long time ago. ngo,cording to a russian hundreds of soldiers have been sent to fight in ukraine. has been little information made available to their families.
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>> ukraine's prime minister says he is going to ask for procedures for the country to become a member of us-led nato, adding that the main aim continues to be a bid to become a member of the european union. react to is failing to the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era. the words of the un's high commissioner for refugees says the total number of refugees resulting from the war passes the 3 million mark. has ledars of conflict to half of serious bleedi -- leaving their homes. >> an endless stream of syrian's crossing into jordan. the united nations assist the war has forced nearly 3 million people to leave the syria raid one million in the last year alone. 6.5tragic milestone, million have been displaced inside syria, or one out of every eight people has left the country.
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most have ended up in lebanon, turkey, jordan. the u.n. says the crisis is the biggest humanitarian emergency of the era. the world is failing to meet the needs of refugees. >> i have been here for five months. i hope that countries around the .orld can help us life here is tough. in june, the head of a refugee agency visited this camp in lebanon. 20% of children are receiving a formal education. 50,000 are working as child laborers. >> we need much more support. countries are facing an enormous challenge. havence 2012, donors intruded $4 billion and another 2 billion are needed to the end
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of this year. the massive numbers of refugees have strained host countries andomies, infrastructure, resources. there've also been deteriorating securities throughout the region. several hundred syrian's are trapped inside a refugee camp, after violence forced aid workers to leave. >> in libya, the tale of two parliaments may be coming to a close. the elected prime minister has resigned his government, calling for a new and inclusive cabinet to be put together. it is a natural progression that will see the results of the june elections put in place. it remains to be seen if any new parliament will be accepted by militants, who want the party to return. the militants continue to recognize this as the only one in power. to stop the spread of the ebola virus and find a treatment continue. an experimental vaccine will be tested on humans next week. it will be given to healthy
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volunteers in the u.k., the u.s., and mali. it may not look like much, but inside this file, what could become a new weapon. scientists are throwing it at the growing ebola epidemic rate it will begin testing on humans next week. se who developed buy tho say that early testing has been positive. >> all those who have been given a lethal dose of ebola died. all those who have been vaccinated survived. the results were crisp and clear cut. be tested ont will 20 volunteers in the u.s. to see if it is safe to use in humans. trials in september will take place in the u.k., gambia, and mali, all places unaffected by the outbreak. the result of the testing will not be ready for several months. even then, they will lay determine whether the drug is safe to use on humans.
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not whether it works. for those on the ground, the vaccine is not an immediate solution. response. a short it will take weeks or months to have it available. now -- andnecessity is to try materialize with a number of treatments into the country so that they can be looking at all of the affected areas. >> as nigeria announces its first death outside of lagos -- the need is clear. there will be no criminal charges against a nine-year-old girl who killed her shooting instructor. the incident has been classified as an industrial accident. the girl reportedly lost control of the machine gun when using it in on a manic mode. throwback from the multiple round release was too powerful for her to handle.
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the missingor malaysian airlines flight that went off the radar between kuala lumpur and malaysia is still going on. new analysis between the ill-fated airline are prompting investigation to expand their search further south. that was followed by another one just four months later. went down over ukraine. airline thatr an already had massive losses. they will have to cut thousands of staff. >> it is a new dawn for malaysia airlines. $1.9 billion plan to restructure the beleaguered national carrier. long-haul routes will be eliminated, and new chief executive put in place, and one third of the workforce will bes s slashes. >> the objective of this exercise -- to support a national carrier,
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but not at any cost. this is the key issue. >> the state investment firm that is already the majority shareholder will take full airline andhe return to profitability by 2018. they have blamed much of their misfortune on the disappearance 470, and themh shootdown of a plane over ukraine. weekly bookings were down 33% in july. then he fights have been canceled and passengers post photos of empty seats on social media. their finances were already in bad shape before this year's disasters. the carrier had lost $1.3 billion over the last three years. analysts say the figures will get worse before they get better. the full financial impact of mh17 will not be seen until the third quarter. >> it is now less than three weeks until people in scotland
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will load on whether or not they want the country to become independent. in a rare speech in glascow, david cameron argued that there is a strong economic advantage to -- after 200 business leaders send a letter saying that independence is the best option. british prime minister, david cameron, led pro-scottish protesters in glasgow on thursday. he told reporters that independence would be a high-stakes. thing that scottish industry does more with the rest of u.k. then the rest of the world together. >> are single market is one of the union's greatest advantages. if we stay together, scottish businesses have better opportunities. scottish consumers have more choice. got his people have more secure jobs. why put all of those great advantages at risk by going into the great unknown? >> a position is shared by
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ghattas business leaders. they signed an open letter proposing independence, underlining the strong economic link between scotland and the rest of u.k. a response came the next day when 200 entrepreneurs put their name on a statement calling for a yes vote. they say scotland must look to the world of opportunities that await them. the business and jobs opportunity for a lifetime for this and future generations. they no longer want scotland to be a cash cow for london. they accuse the government of making tax raids. the rich natural resources could generate up to 20% of an independent talent's revenues. hasrious swarm of locusts taken over the capital of madagascar. in the past five years, the insects have regularly swept across the island nation, destroying crops and threatening
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the livelihoods of her he million people. the arrival of the creatures and the city has increased criticism on the government for its lack of action. our correspondent brought a camera into the middle of the invasion. >> for two hours, crowds of locusts descended on the city. insects first invaded rural madagascar two years ago. it has since become a menace. voracious appetites, one locusts can consume its body weight, about two grams, in a day. >> we demand that the authorities get rid of the locusts, especially in the countryside. we will not have anything left to leave. they destroy our harvest. >> the most recent outbreak has affected an area the size of japan and devastated fields. the government has been slow to respond because of the political chaos caused by a coup in 2009. the locust population has
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exploded in the last few years. want to the locusts overthrow the government. they have reached the presidential palace. i have never seen anything like this. >> people are suffering. they have to eat the locusts. this government is not up to it. if they were, people would not have to eat locusts. encouraged heat wave the locusts to leave their rural home and had form newer, urban cultures. >> to start spraying certain insecticides, certain things have to be in place. we need several hours to organize everything. that is why we cannot start spraying until tomorrow. people in the capital are not going to stay here. they're going to move. once they leave the city, we can start spraying them. they started a three years rang campaign. >> because of underfunding, that
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means the likelihood of millions -- >> quick reminder of our headlines. fullne wants to become a member of nato. this after it is reported that 1000 russian troops have entered your crane. it an invasion. moscow says it is not true. the civil war in syria has forced a record 3 million people out of the country. the biggest two-minute. and in insect invasion in the madagascar. a swarm of locusts has taken over the capital and swept across the country, affecting the livelihood of millions. now to look at what is grabbing headlines around the world in the newspapers. scaring all of the international press is franz. florent, i imagine ukraine is
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getting a lot of coverage? >> yes, a big story. let's look at the front page of the guardian. kieve been invaded," accuses moscow. he accused them of the fact it will invasion. and opening up the conflict in eastern europe. a lot of acres are focusing on one individual in particular. it is a satellite picture taken on august 21. there is a convoy of russian armored vehicles in an undisclosed location in eastern ukraine. they estimate 1000 russian soldiers are engaged in conflict in ukraine. the independent says today that this is clearly an escalation of the conflict that we are witnessing. the phony war is over. it is important to note that russia denies any of it is true. wered the troops that caught in ukraine earlier on, they said that was an accident. and this. has been picked up in
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slate. >> some comic relief among the tension we have seen. slate vocus is on a some tweets. some exchanges on social media. wednesday afternoon, the canadian delegation at nato fired off this tweet. tough, geography can be here is a guide for russian soldiers who keep getting lost and accidentally entering ukraine. you can see that a very simple map their. russia, not russia. the russian and nato delegation took offense to the fact that the canadians put crimea in the not russia section. they fired this response. leagues our canadian col to catch up with contemporary geography. slate says that while this is amusing, given the seriousness, it is impressive that either side have time to exchange these things. >> indeed.
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moving back here to france, we are now having that annual get-together of the socialist party. other years, we might not be as interested. given the recent turmoil, i imagine there are some articles? >> absolutely. the timing of this conference is incredible. the left has rarely been so divided. the atmosphere is explosive according to alliance francais. they quote the senior representative, who says lay one match on the whole house comes burning down. a lot of socialists are confused about what is going on, what direction is the party going in? according to the left-leaning paper, the prime minister is going to have a lot of explaining to do. this week, he put together a government that confirms the social democrat turn. then, he was seen cozying up to business leaders, getting a standing ovation at the french employers association this week. hisaccording to them,
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mission is to reassure socialist voters. he has his work cut out for him. a lot of people, especially the left wing are really upset. >> indeed. and, a lot of journalists as well. looking at the cracks in the party. >> the communist paper says that party has its back against the wall. the political landscape will not be the change -- same come monday. the party is breaking apart along an ideological line. they say what is clear is that the socialist rebels or the left wing are going to put up a fight. to bemosphere is going very tense and it does not rule out that there could be some stuff. at this meeting. it is definitely going to be very animated. bringwill count on you to us up-to-date on that. on a lighter note, this ice bucket talent has taken off across the world. it landed a german politician in hot water. >> let's take a look at this
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video. this is from the green party -- his name is tim. an mp of turkish origin. he is dumping ice water in himself to raise money for charity. good for him. why are we talking about this video? because of that little plant you can see down there in the bottom left-hand corner. it is also getting some ice water on it. according to a lot of the media in germany, they're are wondering whether they can see and illegal cannabis plant. we take a closer look at whether or not this could be an illegal plant. he has turned the tables and said that he actually put that plan there on purpose, to make a statement. calling for the legalization of cannabis. that is with the green party has been doing for quite some time in germany. they're wondering whether legal action could be taken against him. it is unlikely that would happen. it is unclear whether that is his apartment. also, he is an mp.
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he enjoys immunity from prosecution. attention from this ice bucket telestrate fiu had to pay to not throw the bucket over your head. >> i think it is all fun. >> thank you indeed for that. time now to catch up with the sports headlines. ♪ in thek djokovic is third round of the u.s. open after tearing through his match. phil cole strieber pressed retirement. elsewhere, jo-wilfried tsonga's impressive form continued with a win. >> i put in a good performance. i was solid. i saw a few things that i need to improve in the first that. broke too soon. he managed to break me as well, and put me in a bad way. my opponent played some of his best tennis. i'm happy to qualify for the
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next round. five-time u.s. open winner serena williams cruised through to round three in just 56 minutes, dispensing of a fellow american. vitova went past her competitor. pliskova also progresses. in the principality of monaco, the long-awaited trough for this year's champions -- the group stage was made on thursday. 22 qualified automatically come along with 10 other cups to qualified their former playoffs. the reigning champions, real madrid, in search of another title. f promises to be an interesting affair. psg.elona drew were knocked out at the quarterfinal stage last
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campaign. rez will be planted to make a handful of titles this time around. looking to go one step for them last year's quarterfinal. well, the group is not easy. we are with barcelona. two former clubs -- we know that these champions are never easy. we will try to cause far as possible in the competition this season. c, last year's finalists come up against some tricky competition. all stand in their way. leverkusen both made the finals last season. monica will make its first group appearance since 2005.
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first's announced his ofpaign, after a string big-name retirements, mainly from brazil. striker's recent injury, he made some changes. he said i made that choice because the game of this new season -- before going back, with the fans there once again, i thought that the players were in brazil representing us for the world cup deserve to be here to play the first game. mondanda is recovering after the world cup. the 29-year-old will provide back up. >> steve is back. he suffered a bad injury, but he is back on the pitch with marseille. even if he is not at his best
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ball just yet. today, i have the immense privilege to call three top goalkeepers. hugo, steve, and stefan -- will take on spain before heading to serbia for another friendly in september. the current eurasia president has confirmed that monte carlo -- he will not oppose football's governing body fifa. he had considered entering the french presidential election as a candidate, but wants to focus on leading europe's administrative group instead. >> some were expecting me to attack fifa today, but that is not my goal today. we want a fifa that works better, a fifa with more transparency, more solidarity. a fifa that is more respected by
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those who love football. i will do everything i can to make that. today, we must understand that it is what interests me in eurasia. world champion defeated israel in the world judo championships. this is france's first gold medal.
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>> hello, and welcome to "the health show." >> it's a new year, and a good time to start eating more healthfully. >> but for those that find that too difficult, there's always the radical alternative: surgery. >> it's a growing trend all over the world, not just in the richer countries. in india, we'll meet the weight loss surgical team


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